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In the past 2 decades women-owned businesses have grown over 114% but their revenue share has actually declined

8 to 12

The average woman-owned business employs about 8 employees compared to 12 for businesses run by men


Women-owned businesses make up nearly 40% of all small businesses but collect just 4.2% of total business revenues

Nestwork's Mission

By providing free education and peer-to-peer support to women business owners, we aim to create equity, so that revenue-share among women-owned businesses is proportional to the number of businesses owned by women.



Access to knowledge should not be a barrier to success. We offer real world experience and free education


Authenticity is a journey of self discovery. Each day we stay committed to getting closer to our authentic self, more of our innate light shines, making us better leaders


We believe that in a world where women are often held back, it is with relentless energy we will break down barriers

Local pittsburgh business women at networking workshop.
Woman business owner laughing during networking workshop.


We’re a community of women here to acknowledge and hold space for our lived experiences. We encourage and find courage through this and go on


We believe that the more women who unlock their potential and begin to live in that potential, the more women we inspire to do the same


We're a safe space for all women-identifying business owners to come and be as they are

Owner and founder of Nestwork Jen laughing with workshop attendees in Pittsburgh.
Nestwork isn’t an incubator, 12-week program or social club. It's a community of women business owners committed and ready to unlock their potential. When one woman rises, we give others permission to do the same.
Portrait Nestwork founder and owner Jen
With over 20 years as a global business leader and co-owner of her own small business, Two Frays Brewery, Jen understands the deep need women business leaders have for peer-to-peer support and guidance as they grow their business

Jen’s experience in the corporate world and as a small business owner has taught her that we all have one thing in common: we start our businesses out of a desire to live a more free, passionate life and make an impact. Quickly that passion gets shrouded by the overwhelm and loneliness of running a business. It is Jen’s belief that knowledge and community are foundational components for success in business. 

Meet Jen, Founder of Nestwork 

Local Pittsburgh women business owners filling our worksheets during workshop
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